A letter from your Scribe:

Despite all of my commitments to attack 2010’s Overbearing Responsibilities and fly kites more, this year’s been difficult for me. I gather that it’s been difficult for everyone to get out there and fly. Jobs and kids have kept all of us from flying half as much as we’d like, which you can easily see from the silence of our Events calendar.

You can also check out photos through Twitpic (also linked from MidnightSquad)

Today’s gusty winds (and Sweetie’s gift of thermal underwear for Christmas) helped reinvigorate my resolve. I took an Expanding Object and my soft power kite out to the local field and has a fine fly. Apparently “Wind Advisory” means the wind doesn’t stop at sunset!

I had a couple dogs and people interested in the kites. The dogs all ran off when the power kite came back towards them, but I talked for a while with a man interested in KAP (and in boomerangs — I learned a thing or two that could have saved me some bruises).

So now I’m going to try to more regularly throw on some warm clothes and make quick trips outside to fly a few kites. It’ll still be a challenge, but hopefully this will make life a little brighter during the dim winter and unfriendly weather. I hope I can also help encourage others to come out and fly this season, however briefly.